Sustained excellence in public health nursing education, practice, leadership, and research.


To improve the health of communities through excellence in public health nursing education, practice, leadership, and research.


  • Advance public health nursing practice, education, research, and policy
  • Provide regular meetings for exchange of information about current and projected activities in each organization
  • Offer a forum for developing ideas about issues and the education of nurses relevant to the practice of public health nursing
  • Promote public health nursing and the health of the public through collaboration that builds on the strengths of the participating organizations
  • Develop and support national policies around public health issues and public health nursing practice

Strategic Goals

  • Identify and support current and emerging roles of public health nurses
  • Create innovative models of public health nursing practice and public health nursing interventions and find sustainable funding for each
  • Develop and support leadership skills of public health nurses at all levels of practice, education, and research


There are two face-to-face meetings yearly of the QC Coalition. One is held in conjunction with the APHA annual meeting, the other in conjunction with either the APHN or ACHNE annual meetings. In addition, there are monthly virtual meetings.


Officer positions are appointed at the discretion of the individual organization in leadership rotation.

The roles of Chair and Secretary/Treasurer are two-year terms. The roles are rotated among the members of the Quad Council in the following order: APHN, PHN Section(APHA), ACHNE, NASN. The terms of officers will be two years and will commence at the end of the annual APHA meeting.

The Vice Chair is for continuity purposes, and gives the incoming Chair the ability to transition with existing leadership for one year. The Vice-Chair will serve a one-year term and is appointed from the next organization in line to Chair the QC Coalition.

Leadership Succession

Term Chair Vice Chair Sec/Treas
Nov 2014-16 PHN Section APHN
Nov 2015-16 ACHNE
Nov 2016-18 ACHNE PHN Section
Nov 2017-18 APHN
Nov 2018-20 APHN ACHNE
Nov 2019-20 NASN
Nov 2020-22 NASN APHN
Nov 2021-22 NEW Rotation